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Accident Claims


NYPMD New York Car Accident Doctors play a crucial role in car accident claims, particularly in cases where individuals sustain injuries. Here's how doctors are typically involved:

  1. Medical Evaluation: After a car accident, individuals may seek medical attention to assess and treat any injuries. Doctors conduct thorough examinations, order diagnostic tests, and provide medical documentation detailing the nature and extent of injuries.

  2. Medical Records: The medical records created during the evaluation and treatment process serve as essential evidence in car accident claims. These records help establish a direct link between the accident and the injuries sustained.

  3. Treatment Plans: Doctors may develop treatment plans to address injuries sustained in the car accident. This can include surgeries, physical therapy, medications, and other forms of medical care. The cost of these treatments may be included in the compensation sought through a car accident claim.

  4. Expert Opinions: In some cases, doctors may be called upon to provide expert opinions in legal proceedings. Their testimony can help explain the impact of injuries, the necessity of treatments, and the long-term consequences for the injured party.

  5. Disability Assessments: Doctors may assess the extent of disability resulting from the injuries. This information is crucial for determining the level of compensation needed for ongoing care, rehabilitation, and any permanent impairments.

  6. Communication with Insurers: Doctors may communicate with insurance companies to provide medical reports and the necessary documentation to process a personal injury claim. This helps insurers understand the medical aspects of the case.

  7. Providing Medical Bills: Doctors provide documentation of medical expenses incurred due to the accident. These bills are included in the overall damages claimed by the injured party.

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Auto accident injuries frequently come with legal complexities. If you already have legal representation, we will collaborate with your attorney.


If you don't have an attorney, we're here to assist you. Contact us at 888-982-4846 for support.

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NYPMD New York Car Accident Doctors is a premier auto injury chiropractic clinic. For top-notch rehabilitation services, send your clients our way!


We excel in customer service, deliver effective treatments, and boast expertise in all facets of auto injuries. Reach us at 888-982-4846.

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