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Best New York Orthopaedic Doctors

  • Biceps Tendonitis

  • Broken Collarbone

  • Dislocated Shoulder

  • Elbow Bursitis

  • Elbow Fractures

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • Knee Ligament Injuries

  • Meniscal Tear

  • Shoulder Separation

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Sprains and Strains

  • Unstable Kneecap

Orthopaedic Surgery, Spine & Sports Medicine New York

NYPMD New York orthopedic care clinics specialize in the diagnosing, treating, and pain management of musculoskeletal conditions and disorders.


NYPMD  New York injury clinics are staffed by orthopedic specialists, including orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and medical doctors, who specialize in treating injuries and diseases related to the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves.


NYPMD clinics provide comprehensive care to patients, including diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, and orthopedic surgical procedures.


NYPMD Orthopedic Doctors and staff also help patients prevent future musculoskeletal problems through education and lifestyle modifications.

Top Orthopedic Surgeons in NYC

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Orthopedic NYC

Best orthopedic clinic in New York

Brthopedic Brooklyn

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Our dedicated team of physicians and caregivers at any one of our Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine locations can help.


Call us at 888-982-4846

Orthopedic Conditions & Treatments

Orthopedic Injury Clinics

Advanced orthopedic and joint care in NYC Staten Island Brooklyn Queens The Bronx Manhattan, including joint replacement surgery and treatment for traumatic injuries.

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