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Best New York Orthopedic Doctors

NYPMD New York Accident Doctors

We offer specialized orthopedic care for injuries sustained in car accidents, work accidents, and sports-related accidents.


Don’t wait in pain. The NYPMD Orthopedic Injury Clinics across multiple locations in New York make it easy and convenient to be seen by a specialist with expertise in treating orthopedic injuries.


When you need immediate orthopedic care, count on our knowledgeable doctors and staff to quickly evaluate and treat your injury and get you back to your active life. 

Our clinics provide treatment for:

  • Acute orthopedic injuries (Injuries require immediate attention due to trauma)

  • Fractures and broken bones

  • Sports injuries


Chronic conditions, concussions, hip injuries, spine injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and worker’s compensation injuries are not treated at any one of our New York Orthopedic Injury Clinic Locations.


Please visit our NYPMD Orthopedics & Sports Medicine page or call our office to schedule an appointment with the appropriate physician for those conditions.

  • Schedule An Appointment

  • Office visit pricing

  • Major insurance plans accepted (workers compensation, no-fault, personal injury)

  • Now Accepting New Patients


Orthopedic Injury Clinic Locations

Visit our website to find the nearest NYPMD Orthopedic Injury Clinics in New York. Also, refer to the map above!

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