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Sara Malagold PHD

Sara Malagold PHD

Dr. Sara Malagold, PhD Psychologist


  • Psychologist

  • Neuropsychologist

Practice names

  • Complete Neuropsychology PC

Education and training

  • University of Belgrano, PhD in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology

  • Universidad Favaloro, Master's in Psycho Immuno Neuroendocrinology

  • Universidad de Belgrano, Master's in Clinical Psychology

  • Bar-Ilan University (Bachelor's)

Professional memberships

  • Argentine Neurological Society

Awards and publications

  • Malagold, S - The wind and the Tide also Eat Away the Pillar Psychosocial stresses in the develpment and evolution of Cognitive/behavioral/emotional profile of the SLE patient. Master's Thesis in Psychoneuroimmunorndocrinology. Favaloro University Library, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2001)

  • Malagold, S. - Differential Mnemic Profile between Begining Degenerative Dementia and Depression. Doctoral Thesis. University of Belgrano Library, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1999.

  • Malagold, S. Casas Parera, I - Neither crazies nor idiots... An reappraisal in the health field Course of Internal Medicine, Home Learning, Buenos Aires, Panamericana Publ., December 1999, chap.

NPI number


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