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Accident Doctors New York

Joseph Pyun MD

Joseph Pyun MD

Orthopedic Surgeon


"First of all I would like to thank Dr.Pyun For the surgery that he did for me . I wasn’t able to stand up and I had a lower back pain and disorder of my spine nerve which cause a lot of pain. After going to ER all the doctors of NYU langone hospital suggests to do a surgery to resolve this problem. I met Dr pyun and he explain to me how the process will be done . After surgery, Everything was good I became a new man I was able to stand up easy I could walk . My appearance look as i didn’t get a surgery. Finally thanks Dr Pyun. My back feels better now . I recommend Dr Pyun to everyone one who had any kind of sciatica or a pain in his or her nerves spine. Thank you so much Dr Pyun."

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