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SI joint dysfunction

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NYPMD Pain Doctors - SI Joint Dysfunction:

  • Overview:

    • SI joint dysfunction involves pain in the sacroiliac joint, located at the base of the spine.

  • Causes:

    • Degeneration due to aging.

    • Trauma or injury.

    • Pregnancy-related changes.

    • Inflammatory arthritis.

  • Symptoms:

    • Lower back pain.

    • Hip and buttock pain.

    • Pain radiating down the leg.

  • Diagnosis:

    • Clinical examination.

    • Imaging studies (X-rays, MRI).

  • Treatment Options:

    • Non-Surgical:

      • Medications for pain and inflammation.

      • Physical therapy.

    • Interventional Procedures:

      • SI joint injections.

      • Radiofrequency ablation.

    • Surgical Options (if needed):

      • SI joint fusion.

  • Expert Care Outside New York:

    • Consult with NYPMD pain doctors for specialized treatment.

    • Comprehensive approach for effective pain relief.

Note: This is a brief overview. Consultation with NYPMD specialists is recommended for personalized advice and treatment.

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