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Health plans we accept:

NYPMD Accepted Insurances  New York No-Fault, & New York Workers’ Compensation. Contact us and we will find the best solution to suit you.  


In New York, all drivers are required to carry No-Fault Insurance as part of their auto insurance policy. The minimum coverage limit is $50,000 per person, per accident. This insurance is designed to provide quick and efficient payment for medical bills and lost wages, without requiring the injured party to go through a lengthy and potentially costly legal process to determine fault.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance, on the other hand, is a type of insurance that provides coverage for employees who are injured on the job or develop work-related illnesses.

In New York, employers are required to carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance for their employees, regardless of the size of the company.


This insurance provides coverage for medical expenses, lost wages, and other related costs that may result from a work-related injury or illness. The injured worker does not have to prove that their employer was at fault for the injury or illness in order to receive benefits under this insurance.

In summary, New York No-Fault Insurance provides coverage for medical expenses and lost wages resulting from a car accident, while Workers’ Compensation Insurance provides coverage for medical expenses and lost wages resulting from a work-related injury or illness.


Both types of insurance are designed to provide financial protection and support for individuals who may be unable to work due to an injury or illness.

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