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Peripheral Nerve Disorders

It's important to get evaluated by a top New York injury doctor in the first 72 hours after your accident. 


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Peripheral Nerve Disorders Overview:

  • Involves issues with peripheral nerves outside the brain and spinal cord

  • Can result from various causes such as injury, disease, or systemic conditions

Causes of Peripheral Nerve Disorders:

  • Injury: trauma, compression, repetitive stress

  • Systemic conditions: diabetes, autoimmune diseases

  • Infections, toxins, hereditary factors

Signs and Diagnosis:

  • Symptoms include tingling, numbness, weakness, and pain in extremities

  • Diagnostic methods include medical history, physical examination, nerve conduction studies, electromyography, and imaging

Peripheral Nerve Disorders Treatment:

  • Address underlying cause when possible (e.g., managing diabetes)

  • Medications for pain management

  • Physical therapy to improve muscle strength and function

  • In some cases, surgical interventions may be considered

NYPMD Pain Doctors for Peripheral Nerve Disorders:

  • Specialist evaluation by NYPMD pain doctors outside New York

  • Comprehensive assessment and personalized treatment plans

  • Collaboration with a multidisciplinary team for optimal outcomes

  • Advanced interventions tailored to individual needs

What You Can Expect at NYPMD for Peripheral Nerve Disorders:

  • Nonsurgical approaches prioritized

  • Innovative treatments to manage symptoms

  • Patient-focused care with clear communication

  • Holistic support for better quality of life

It's important to get evaluated by a top New York injury doctor in the first 72 hours after your accident. 

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